September 2023 NEW
TBC Fundraising Bazaar: A Great Success
Beautiful weather, great music, plentiful and delicious food and drinks, innovative arts and crafts and family fun activities – all of these combined to make the TBC Fundraising Bazaar held on September 17 at 691 Scarlett Road a huge success. Of course, success can't just be measured by the activities themselves or even the funds raised. The event's success was seen in the smiles, heard in the laughter and the words of gratitude of all. We all shared the positive feeling of contributing to the maintenance of an important cultural and historical Heritage site.
Many thanks to the musicians, the artisans, the chefs and in fact to all who contributed their time, their talents and their effort to such a worthy cause.
Tired but happy – we are looking forwards to next year's Bazaar!………. >> Photos
August 2023
On Saturday, August 26, 13 members of Toronto Bell Cote reinforced their commitment to beautifying Toronto's environment by participating in a clean-up of Bluffers Park and Beach in Scarborough. Fortunately, spirits were buoyed by the appreciation expressed by local residents and visitors. The next environmental activity will take place on Saturday, September 16 beginning at 12 noon and focus on a clean-up of Raymore Park. Thank you to the participants.………. >> Photos
April 2023
Ten members of Toronto Bell Cote Heritage Preservation committee participated in Raymore Park and Humber Riverbanks areas on Sunday, April 30, 2023. The rain didn't dampen their spirits or their efforts. Congratulations!
October 2022
The vision of Toronto Bell Cote is its role as a centre for history, education and edification. In light of this vision, on Sunday, October 16, 2022 the 68 th anniversary of Hurricane Hazel, Toronto Bell Cote hosted its first community symposium on Climate Change and Emergency Preparedness.
Subhas Mukhopadkyay presented a report on climate change from the Toronto Public Library's environmentalist-in-residence Shamily Shanmuganathan (who was regrettably unable to attend in person); Rhianydd Phillips from Toronto and Region Conservation Authority summarized current endeavours by TRCA to protect our community from flooding. Sherry Waters from the City of Toronto's Office of Emergency Management showed us how to create a portable emergency kit and Bruce Longstreet from Toronto Bell Cote outlined a communication system to ensure communities could stay in touch with each other in the event of an emergency.
This community symposium was greatly appreciated by the attendees. It is our hope to continue to present workshops on these two very relevant topics for our community.
August 2022
Annual Bazaar Fundraiser
Our August 20th, 2022 Bazaar was a huge success! The multi-cultural food fest was a wonderful way to celebrate our beautiful and diverse community. and far exceeded expectations. Visitors enjoyed delicious, authentic foods from Asia, India, Europe, the Caribbean and South America. And the cakes and desserts? Simply amazing!
The craft area showcased many talented artists, whose works ranged from exquisitely-made cushions, artwork, and bags, to plenty of other unique gift ideas.
Our first-ever raffle draw proved to be fun for everyone.
The warmth and enthusiasm of all the volunteers brought smiles of joy to the community. A huge thank you to everyone who participated and supported our beloved Toronto Bell Cote Heritage building!
Bazaar 2023 will be even better………. >> Photos
May 2022
Community Cleaning Activity
On May 15th, 2022, We had a Community Cleanup Activity which was a successful event with 15 enthusiastic members accomplishing the following:
All drains and gutters of Toronto Bell Cote were cleaned,
The Exterior of all the windows were cleaned,
Weeds were removed from our lawn and parking areas,
Garbage around the Toronto Bell Cote building and parking area were collected.
Garbage from all streets around the Toronto Bell Cote neighbourhood (roughly 500-meter radius around our building) were collected.
Our work received recognition form our community. Many residents came forward to convey their appreciation for our initiative.
Future Events
Organize a joint neighbourhood garage sale
Outdoor Organic Farmers Market
Art Festival – featuring a student contest to sketch the only wood framed church in Toronto and much more
Tree Planting Activity
December 19th @ 2:00 pm - Winter Festival
Several musical offerings to celebrated the season!
Bazaar October 2nd, 9 am to 2 pm - A great success! Fun was had by all.
Community Thanksgiving lunch with Neighbours - October 9th
Membership Drive
Painted the exterior of the Heritage Church Building

Clean-up at Raymore Park & Humber River banks

November 24th
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September 29th
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June 30th
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