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Cracked concrete foundation walls must be stabilized and improved.

The existing wood structural framing system of the entire building must be stabilized and upgraded.

Damaged bell cote causes a water leak.

The original wood siding which had been deteriorated is under the existing vinyl cladding.

The front porch is leaning toward the street.

(By Mr. William N Greer, B.Arch., FRAIC, CAHP, Heritage Consultant)

A building condition assessment affirmed that the existing wood structural framing system of the entire building was inadequate to meet contemporary codes and standards of construction and needed be stabilized and upgraded. It also indicated that the concrete block foundation walls were cracked and bulging and that the footings must be stabilized and improved to meet current building code practice.

The building assessment also stated that the front porch had settled and was leaning towards the street. It would be necessary to correct this condition and stabilize the foundation. A paneled wood door will replace the existing steel door.

The existing vinyl cladding, applied directly over the original wood siding of the entire building, was a late addition. Examination of an area of the original siding shows that this application was likely introduced to make the original wall weather-tight and protect it from further deterioration. It is necessary to restore the existing wood siding preserving the original form and wood trim with greater improvements in weather-tightness.

It is the intent to preserve and restore the bell cote structure. The existing structural framework has been the source of water penetration through the roof and the deterioration of adjacent elements.