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(By Mr. William N Greer, B.Arch., FRAIC, CAHP, Heritage Consultant)

  • Preserve the building's setting, mass, form and detail as viewed from the two adjacent streets by adapting, restoring and remaking the building and site for new use.
  • Preserve the character-defining elements and heritage attributes with minimal intervention preferring repair to the replacement of original materials and elements.
  • Preserve and restore all existing wood windows and stained glass glazing adding new windows in matching proportions and detail.
  • Preserve, restore and repair bell cote structure and detail by installing new shingle roofing, flashing, eavestroughs and rainwater leaders.
  • Stabilize existing foundations and wood frame structure and upgrade to current safety standards and building codes.
  • Stabilize front entrance porch and restore entrance with paneled replacement wood door.
  • Restore the horizontal wood siding as the exterior finish of the building matching the original in form and wood trim detail and incorporate environmentally efficient "rainscreen" principles in the wall section.
  • Subordinate any additions to the original heritage building but ensure physical and visible compatibility in detail and the use of materials.
  • Perform alterations affecting the original fabric, form and detail of the heritage structure with minimal intervention.
  • Execute all work on the heritage building with a focus on long term preservation.