Save Our Local Landmark

the only wood framed church in the city of Toronto

The building is located in Etobicoke, a 15-minute drive from Pearson International Airport. Displaying features of the Victorian Gothic Revival style, which is a precious example of the architecture of the latter half of the 19th century, the church was designated as a Heritage Building in 2003 under the Ontario Heritage Act for both its historical and architectural significance. This church has continuously been the heart of the community, it served as the rescue centre for the neighbourhood when Hurricane Hazel struck Toronto on October 15, 1954 causing severe damage and destruction in the Toronto area. Small, lovely, charming, and unaffected, the church building is still a major landmark and loved by many people.
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However, professionals who had examined the building said that the building was in a seriously deteriorated condition and was in need of immediate restoration and strengthening of the structures. We were not able to find any record that it had been given any kind of major repairs, but we saw the very serious damage in the foundation wall structure.

Toronto Bell Cote Heritage Preservation planned to preserve the visual appearance of the original heritage building while at the same time minimizing any changes to its design to meet the special requirements within a sustainable building envelope. The restorative work for this heritage building commenced in 2012, and was completed in 2014. Now, we are planning various activities to show the historical and cultural value of this building activated with modern technology.

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Concrete foundation walls reinforced.

Wood structural framing system upgraded.

Stained glass repaired.

Waterproof Bell Cote framing.

Pipes connected with the geothermal heat pump.