Building condition and conservation strategy > Details of the project

(By Mr. Takashi Tsuji Architects, M.Arch., B.E.S., O.A.A.)

    ST. MATTHIAS CHURCH, Westmount

    cracked foundation wall

    front porch and bell cote

    damaged stained glass

  1. wood structural framing system
  2. Temporarily brace main floor framing. Excavate basement floor to increase ceiling height. Install temporary support for basement wooden beams; remove existing steel columns; install new steel column footings; install new steel columns and steel beams on main floor level. Install new anchor bolts and secure the wooden frames to foundation walls. Repair, replace and reinforce existing main floor joists. Remove interior plaster and wooden lathe on walls and ceilings. Assess main floor wall sheathing, wood board, studs, plates and framing from interior. Repair, replace and reinforce main floor wood wall framing.

  3. concrete block foundation walls
  4. Repair /reinforce the concrete block foundation walls where bulged and cracked at numerous locations. Underpin existing hollow concrete block masonry foundation wall to increase ceiling height of the basement and stabilize the foundation walls. Proceed with parging and damproofing of the foundation walls. Install new rigid insulation on exterior of all the foundation walls to improve thermal efficiency. Repair new basement exterior walls to create cavity wall to improve thermal insulation and provide protection against rain penetration.

  5. the footings
  6. Excavate 120 linear feet x 5'-2" deep along the existing foundation walls. Hand excavate underside of existing footings step by step to install underpin.

  7. front entrance porch
  8. paneled wood door
  9. wood siding of the entire building
  10. Remove exterior vinyl siding. Assess exterior wood siding for defects. Increase durability of exterior wood siding with better materials and building details. Repair and replace exterior wood siding. Add all new wood siding with rainscreen principal in order to increase durability. Increase durability of wood exterior siding with better materials and building details.

  11. the bell cote
  12. Repair bell cote support frame. Build bell cote base and weatherproof bell cote framing.

  13. windows and stained glass
  14. All the stained glass windows will be repaired and restored. Install new removable glass insert at interior side of the windows.

  15. roof
  16. Assess ceiling framing, attic roof framing. Repair and reinforce roof framing, roofing board and collar tie connections. Install two 31'-0" long beams at underside of the collar ties on the interior to remove the thrust to the main east-west exterior walls.

  17. Others
  18. To increase thermal efficiency on the basement foundation walls, main floor walls and roof, an airtight building will be created using insulation, air barrier, vapour barrier, acoustic caulking and tape. A healthier indoor environment will be ensured by relying on healthy materials, cross ventilation and natural cooling. Balanced mechanical ventilation system exhausts stale air and replaces it with fresh outdoor air. The fresh outdoor air is mixed with indoor air to be heated or cooled to a comfortable temperature, and distributed throughout the building. All the heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment will be high efficiency systems. The most productive use of electricity, water and resources will be ensured by selecting the latest energy efficient products. All the new windows and doors will be of good quality and energy-efficient to ensure that air leakage around the frame will be minimalized. A new flat roof will incorporate green roof principles to reduce the energy (cooling load) costs, reduce the renovation cost of roof waterproofing and storm water runoff. Finally, the building will have barrier-free access with an elevator and barrier-free washroom.